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Mercedes benz remote 315/433mhz (NEC) Complete remote with board

315/433MHz, NEC chip inside.
Program via MB-KEYPROG 2

Order on line: 3Button +panic 3Button
315mhz 433mhz 315mhz 433mhz

Mercedes benz remote 315/433mhz (24c02 Chip) Complete remote with board

Mercedes benz smart remote key,

CHIP 24C02 instead NEC

1,315/433Mhz in the same board,
you can choose the frequency when
you program the board,
it will save your stock qty.
2,15-30 meters frequency distance,
super stranger than NEC one.
3,easier programming
4,unlimited programming
5,our benz remote work for all
silver benz remote and black
one from 1999 until now.
6,Any prgorammer which can
identify 24C02 will work for
our benz remote.



Order on line: 3Button +panic 3Button
315mhz 433mhz 315mhz 433mhz

Special offer:
we offer free service to caculate
key data for customers who had
ordered our benz remotes.
Customer need send us the EIS
data first.
Technical Support:?

step for program our benz remote:
1, read the EIS data
(use AK500,ETL,xprog-m)
2,caculate the EIS data with
caculator and get the remote key's
data(you can use benz caculator)
you can order the caculator from here,
3,write the data into 24C02 chip
of our benz remote(most eprom which
can recognise 24c02 will work for it)

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